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For your comfort, the sizes are given in three main measuring systems:

1)European size EU=EUR=FR - is the standard European shoe size, common for the CIS-countries;

2)American size US=USA - is the most common shoe size in the West. The sneakers most often have both European and American demarcation;

3)Feet length (cm), shoe boxes and tags are often marked as JP=JAPAN=CM. As a rule, this size is always depicted on shoe tags (be careful not to mix it with the Chinese size CH=CHN). The foot length is given in mm and cm, e.g.: 275mm or 27,5cm. Normally, this size is indicated on tags to the right from the European one. 

The precise method to define your size is to measure the feet length. That is why we recommend to make measurements of your feet before making an order. You may also make measurements of the insoles, however, this method is less precise as the insole can be deformed during the process of shoes wearing. Moreover, some of the insoles have a special curve in the direction of a heel that should not be taken into account while making measurements. The insoles without curves should be measured only. Those insoles with curves could be measured only up to the curving point. Be careful while making measurements of the insoles as there can be inaccuracies. We recommend making measurements of the feet to get the precise size. Measurements of the insoles can be done as an additional option in cases when you buy shoes as a present and do not know the exact size of the person you will give them. The detailed instructions of measuring feet and insoles are given below.

Foot length measurement:

Put your foot on A4 paper in standing position. Take a pen or a pencil and mark the longest finger point and the heel point. Measure the direct distance between these two points parallel to the sheet of paper, NOT DIAGONAL.

Insole length measurement:

If there is no curve on the insole, the insole is measured directly, between the finger top points and the heel point. If there is a curve on the insole, the insole is measured up to the curving point!

Choose size

            The other measuring method - is to check your shoes and see the sizes, depicted on the tags. This method is less precise than the previous one, as the sneakers of different brands can have different demarcations. For example, both pairs can have EUR 44, JAPAN depiction (centimeters) one can have 28, the other - 28,5. You can also have shoes made by different manufacturers that have the same depiction JAPAN 27cm, but different EUR indications, one can be 43, the other 42,5. To be noted, when you make measurements oriented on the sizes of your shoes, the shoes SHOULD be sportive type. The high-heeled shoes or sandal sizes would be incorrect. All the other information and useful tips you will get directly after our managers contact you!

Sometimes, there are cases when the men need the sneakers with the size 40 and women with the size of 41. In such a case, it would be reasonable to choose any of the Unisex models that perfectly suit both men and women and select the proper size. The model is considered to be unisex if there are the following sizes available in the table: for men 41+ and for women - less than 40. These models are identical, the only exception is the size. That is why, in case of necessity, men and teenagers can find the sneakers suitable with sizes less than 40 whereas women - 41+. This is quite common. So do not hesitate and choose any model you like, it will definitely be the right one for you!

To sum up, the following useful tips should be considered before making the order:

1)To make measurements of your feet according to the instructions given above;

2)To check your shoes and find the sized depicted on them (check all types of sizes: European, American and centimeters);

3)Make measurements of the insoles according to the instructions given above.

If you have any difficulties - our managers will be eager to help you!

We do not provide the service of self-delivery goods, it means that fitting in the store room is impossible. We are sorry for the inconveniences. However, today everyone can easily choose the model that will suit him by means of modern technologies: precise description, photos, instructions. The goods can be delivered at your place the next day after the order is made.  

Moreover, the absence of classic store means the absence of extra expenses, such as rental costs, utility bills, staff salaries, security, etc. All these factors have a favorable impact on pricing policy. The goods are affordable for the customers, the price is much cheaper! Thus, you have an excellent opportunity to buy perfect running shoes at the reasonable price!

Define your precise size
Таблица размеров
Foot length (cm) EUR USA
22.5 36 5.5
23.5 37 6
24 38 7
25 39 8
25.5 40 9
26 41 8
26.5 42 8.5
27.5 43 9.5
28 44 10
29 45 11
30 46 12