Model description

The history of the yeezy line began back in December 2013. This was the very first generation of Isi boost, in the wake of the colossal obsolescence of these models, we will not devote much time to them and move on to the more relevant ones - yeezy v2, which first saw the broad masses in 2016, at the same time Kanye West - American hip Hop artist, producer, composer has become widely known throughout the world as a designer. And this is a fact, because the collaboration developed under his leadership has been on the charts of the most anticipated, desired and recognizable new products in the world of sneaker industry for years.

If you are not very versed in yeezy sneakers, for example, choose a gift for your child, then below we will briefly talk about all models of yeezy.

There are three main, most popular lines: yeezy 350, yeezy 500, yeez 700. They can be roughly divided by seasonality.

Sneakers yeezy boost 350 is a lightweight ventilated model, perfect for spring / summer / fall. The Izi 350 model, regardless of color, is made of one material - this is primeknit textiles. Lightweight, breathable, woven textiles. The technology provides for seamless weaving of the shoe frame as one whole part from several threads that can be of different colors. As a result, a soft, light, ventilated and, at the same time, strong “top” design is formed - which is worn on the foot comfortably and firmly “like a sock”. Thus, the legs do not sweat, and the fit is extremely comfortable.

The main advantages of the primary technology:

  • An ideal fit, the shoes literally feel like a sock on the feet, or the second skin, does not rub or squeeze the foot, providing good blood circulation, in the area of the foot and heel there is reinforced weaving to fix the position of the foot in order to avoid injuries during active movement - a great choice especially for athletes and adolescents;
  • Ventilation - the wicker design has a sufficient number of natural mini openings so that the shoes are well ventilated;
  • Structural strength, general wear resistance;
  • Light weight and great elasticity, the shoes do not crack and do not tear in places of bending.

There are yeezy 350 reflective sneakers - when special reflective inserts are applied to different elements of the shoe. They glow like a police uniform when light hits in the dark. There are different versions of the izi 350 reflective sneakers - completely reflective models, models with reflective laces only or non-reflective yeezy 350 v2 models.

The main advantage of Easy Boost 350 shoes is the boost sole. The word boost in the context of shoes should mean a sole with shock absorption, which is made of foamed thermoplastic polyurethane. What is interesting - these soles, in addition to excellent cushioning, are also characterized by their strength and durability, especially with regard to models of sneakers and boost B2. Indeed, in this shoe, boost foam is located inside a durable rubber outsole. So do not be afraid of the word “foam” in the description of the sole - sneakers made of boost 350 - have a truly durable sole with cushioning. The advantages of this technology can not be overestimated, we believe that is why the word boost is present in the name of the shoe. As a rule, the boost layer itself is always made in white - there is a logical explanation for this - the process of painting these materials is very time-consuming, and if the material is painted at the wrong stage of production, it can completely lose its properties. Therefore, often boost remains white, inside the rubber outsole, which is already painted in the color of the shoe. In other words, the sole consists of two parts - the intermediate material is a boost for cushioning and the outer frame is outsole made of rubber.

Summing up - yeezy boost 350 v2 sneakers are modern high-tech shoes with a wide range of colors, suitable for men and women, for everyday use or for sports. The best season for operating Izi 350 sneakers on the street is spring / summer / autumn. Your legs will never sweat in them, the movement will be extremely comfortable and the shoes will last a long time, we owe all of this to the primeknit and boost technologies - which is, on the whole, the main advantage of yeezy.

Sneakers yeezy boost 500 is a more casual model, playing sports in them will not be very convenient. According to the seasonality, this is autumn / spring, in summer you can also shoe, but only not in the heat. The variety of colors of the yeezy boost 500 is much more modest than that of the 350 yeezy, however, the model is presented for men and women. The same material was used everywhere - it is fleecy suede and a textile mesh for ventilation, genuine leather inserts. Inside the shoe there is a textile lining, the sole is made of rubber. This is one of the first models in a collaboration with Kanye West without the classic boost sole, but the Izi 500 uses a different adiPRENE cushioning technology. In general, the yeezy 500 model can be described as more solid and strict sneakers for every day with a bias towards autumn-spring weather.

Yeezy boost 700 sneakers are a daily model and are suitable for cooler weather like the yeezy 500. Unlike the izi 500, yeezy 700 sneakers have a sole with boost technology. But the main difference from the model 500 and 350 is a more "bulky" silhouette. Yeezy 700 is made in the style of the 90s, this is the reincarnation of the so-called dad shoes (sneakers for dad) - on slang they called shoes worn by men over 40, the main criterion for which is price and quality. And design is nothing. But to put it this way about the izi 700 model would be completely incorrect, it only resembles those dad shoes in silhouette, but in fact it is very beautiful and modern sneakers, high-tech and very popular, including among young people. The design of these sneakers is based on genuine leather, suede, textile nets for ventilation. The sole is made by analogy with the yeezy 350 model - this is a complex of an intermediate boost insert for cushioning and a durable rubber outsole around. The only difference is that the boost insert is completely hidden deep into the sole and is not visible.